Message from Diane Lewis

To all members and friends

Yesterday, Tamara from PV was able to report that another 2 chicks have fledged.

9 chicks now have fledged on the Mornington Peninsula.
Wonderful news.
There is only one active nest now and that is at Bushrangers Bay.
The birds are now flocking at Franklin Rd and St Andrew’s Beach so looks like the breeding season has finished.
Still worth keeping our eyes open, not all the birds are flocking yet so some may attempt to have another nest.
Today we say goodbye to Tamara  – Parks Victoria’s hooded plover summer ranger.
Tamara has been walking our beaches for last three months.
She has visited each chick daily, found nests,erected temporary fences,checked and updated signs, put out shelters and moved banners along the beach as adult hoodies move their chicks.
You have done a great job Tamara
Good luck with your  studies this year and we all look forward to seeing you on our beaches again next season.
Friends of the Hooded Plover
Mornington Peninsula inc