Hooded Plover Chick Status, Mornington Peninsula NP

It has been a few weeks since the last update on Hooded Plover chicks in the Mornington Peninsula National Park.

One of the St Andrews Beach chicks died but fortunately the other fledged. As the breeding season gets closer to ending, there is a high likelihood more chicks will fledge this season than the last.

There is also a good chance a chick may fledge at Koonya Beach, Blairgowrie. There are a number of active volunteers who monitor birds on this beach and I’m sure we all agree, it would be great if they were rewarded with a brand new fully grown Hooded Plover. Keep your fingers crossed.

There are still some birds on nests which means more chicks are possible.

Below is a map indicating the location and number of chicks currently in the Mornington Peninsula National Park.


Chicks on Morn Pen 2013