Mornington Peninsula

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Friends of Hooded Plover (Mornington Peninsula) Inc.

The Friends of the Hooded Plover Mornington Peninsula inc was officially formed in 2010. The FoHPMP, in conjunction with Parks Victoria, are a group of local volunteers who coordinate the monitoring and management of Hooded Plovers  within the Mornington Peninsula National Park. The data collected is collated by the Beach-nesting Bird Team at BirdLife Australia and is used to monitor the health of the Hooded Plover population. This also enables the scientists to focus on those  critical areas in need of further research such as the causes of high mortality in  Hooded Plover chicks.

The FoHPMP is thus, a classical ‘citizen science’ project

In addition, the FoHPMP are also involved in:

  • educational programs from primary schools to tertiary institutions
  • market day stalls in different localities on the Peninsula
  • assistance in various research projects conducted by BirdLife Australia and Deakin University
  • conducting ‘Dog’s Breakfasts’ to include and educate dog owners on Hooded plover conservation
  • various marketing strategies including our very successful Hooded Plover T-Shirts and Tote bags available at Trigger Brothers stores
  • application for various grants to assist in Hooded Plover management and maintenance of local environment including permanent fencing and Fox control


If you’re interested in becoming a friend of the Hooded Plover on the Mornington Peninsula contact Mark at:

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