BirdLife Australia

The Birdlife Australia, Beach-nesting Birds Team is the leading authority on the management  of Hooded Plovers across Australia. They tackle the challenges of HP conservation from many angles  based upon the knowledge gained from years of detailed scientific research. Their work includes;

  • raising awareness of the plight of beach-nesting birds within coastal communities
  • educational programs for students and their teachers across all age groups
  • conducting management workshops for volunteers and land managers
  • lobbying all levels of government
  • application for grants and ethics permits to maintain their research projects
  • maintenance of the web portal for the collection of data on the distribution of bird populations and their breeding activity across south-east Australia
  • conducting a biannual count of Hooded Plovers across South-east Australia
  • maintaining support for the 13 ‘Friends’ groups

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The following are links to the BirdLife Australia web site. Click on the link to get more information on Hooded Plovers.

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