2016/17- Finally a Successful Breeding Season for the Mornington Peninsula

Hooded Plover,Point Nepean,010517,-260-Edit

On May 1st the final 2 chicks from Point Nepean fledged bringing the total of fledged chicks on the Mornington Peninsula for the 2016/17 breeding season to 13. To put the significance of this figure into context, there had only been 11 chicks fledge  over the 3 previous seasons combined. The last year where there had been double-digit fledglings was in 2006/07.

At this stage it is difficult to attribute the success to any single factor. It is imperative that we look at long term trends rather than focusing too much on the results or failures of single seasons. However, this current result is a much needed boost to the hard work provided by the growing team of dedicated volunteers backed by the support of BirdLife Australia, Parks Victoria and concerned community member

For more more information contact  hploversmornpen@gmail.com

Hooded Plover,Point Nepean,010517,-200-Edit-Edit



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