Since June 2013, it’s estimated 49 Hooded Plover chicks have died in the Morn Pen NP

In June 2013, Parks Victoria announced they would continue to allow dogs to be walked on beaches where Hooded Plovers breed in the Mornington Peninsula National Park.  There may be fewer than 600 Hooded Plovers left in Victoria and the species has recently been listed on the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. It has been listed on the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988 for a number of years.

Many, (if not most) of the dog walkers allow their dogs to run off lead.

As of the 10th of January 2015 and since June 2013 there have been:

Chicks hatched = 60*

Chicks lived longer than 35 days = 2

Chicks currently alive = 9

Chicks dead = 49*

* These are estimations. Parks Victoria don’t provide coherent long term results on Hooded Plover breeding success in the Mornington Peninsula National Park.