Last attempt at St Andrews for 2011 – 12 summer

This is most likely the last attempt at successfully breeding Hooded Plover chicks at St Andrews this summer. There are currently two healthy chicks running about on the beach just wanting to grow into adults, (see below for the location).

St Andrews has already been successful this year closer to the sewerage outfall and in previous years it has also been successful.
The general public at St Andrews are more sympathetic to Hooded Plovers than the people at Heyfields and Parks Victoria are putting in, if only to help this seasons results not being a total disaster.

So far this summer, more than 50 nesting attempts in the Mornington Peninsula National Park has resulted in 3 chicks fledging. A shameful result for Parks Victoria and the DSE but the public still have time to contribute. Come on down to St Andrews with your Binoculars and protect these chicks, (please).