No wardens required

As has been the case often this summer, no wardens are required this weekend due to there being no chicks. Unfortunately, I am also unable to provide the usual feedback from Parks Victoria as they have not provided an updated report.

However, to give you something positive to read, below is an update from Phillip Island. They have had a very good season.

“On Phillip Island we have had the best start to a breeding season since at least 1992-93 with five Hooded Plover chicks fledged well before Christmas (3 from Silverleaves and 2 from Elizabeth Cove near Grossard Point).  The pair at Silverleaves is on their way to fledging 4 chicks for the season.

Currently have eight chicks of various ages at beaches across the island (1 at Magiclands and Silverleaves, 2 at Red Rocks, Woolshed Bight, and Ventnor west).

There have been 35 nests recorded, 80 eggs, 18 chicks, there are currently 4 nests with eggs (Forrest Caves, Farm Beach, Anzac west, and Flynns Reef).

We have been working closely with the Bass Coast Shire rangers and the local community at the nest sites at Grossard Point, Red Rocks and at Silverleaves. At Red Rocks Hooded Plover Watch volunteers looked after 2 chicks almost round the clock for the four days of the Australia Day weekend. This was a brilliant effort as the chicks survived the hot weather and crowds; the last time hoodies nested in this area was 21 years ago.”

courtesy Jon Fallow (well done Jon)