Heyfields has a Hooded Plover chick, but wait, there’s more

I like movies. One of my favourites is Risky Business. There is a scene where Tom Cruise, his friend (Miles) and a sex worker are in a Porsche and the sex worker says to Miles: ” you like excitement Miles”

This beach is a site for those who like excitement. A ranger has been assaulted on this beach and over the last 3 days 2 banners have been stolen, most likely from dog owners who use the beach and have been fined by PV or getting told to keep their dog on a lead.

Nevertheless, there is a little Hooded Plover chick alive on this beach and it’s nearly one week old.

There will be no warden box, no reception for mobile phones and very aggressive March flies, not to mention people who hate week old Hooded Plover chicks and hate people who are conservationist. This beach has produced two fledglings in 20 years. It is tough.

I will be on the beach up to 9 am or so Sat and Sunday. Directions below.