Look at Monty fly!

See below another fantastic photo of a Mornington Peninsula Hooded Plover chick in flight. Monty is 28 days old today and flew about 10 metres along the beach. What a thrill!

Monty flying 4

Photo of chick flying: K Wooton

Proud parents looking on as chick flies!!!

For the first time in over five years two Hoodie chicks have fledged at Heyfields. This was a great New Years Eve gift to the 3 volunteers who have been monitoring the Hooded Plover pair at Heyfields ocean beach.
So far this breeding season the Mornington Peninsula now have 6 hoodie chicks that have survived on the beach for the five weeks it takes from hatching to flying. We don’t know the last time so many chicks have fledged so early in the season.
Thank you to everyone who is observing the signs and giving these tiny chicks some space to feed and a chance to survive.
Photo of chick flying : Lois Greene

What to do if you come across a hoodie chick on the beach

Recent posts online have highlighted a need to get more information out there about what to do and what not to do if you find a chick on the beach. Recently a well meaning beach visitor went as far as removing a hoodie chick from the beach on the belief that the chick appeared ‘helpless’. If anyone comes across a chick, leave it and carefully watch your footsteps (for other camouflaged chicks) and remove yourself from the area immediately. If someone has taken a chick into “care” the Birdlife Australia Beach Nesting Bird team have emergency protocols that they undertake to attempt to rectify the situation. The BNB team are always available to provide advice and assist:


The Facebook post below includes some further useful information:

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